The Forecast Institute, Inc.

Biographical Information

Bob Vislocky, Ph.D., President & Owner

With 18 years experience in the fields of meteorology, computers, and statistics, Dr. Vislocky has published many articles in the refereed journal literature and is a national leader in the field of statistical forecasting techniques.

Selected Publications

Vislocky and Fritsch, 1997: Performance of an advanced MOS system in the 1996-97 National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Conference. Bulletin of the AMS, 78, 2851-2857.

Vislocky and Fritsch, 1995: Improved model output statistics forecasts through model consensus. Bulletin of the AMS, 76, 1157-1164.

Vislocky and Fritsch, 1997: An automated, observations-based system for short-term prediction of ceiling and visibility. Weather and Forecasting, 12, 31-43.

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